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Thank you for being a part of Kitchen Camouflage.

     We've come up with a pretty fun concept for a cooking show that Hollywood producer Jason Cheyney and media production agency Voyage Media are interested in producing. 
     The hardest part is done, having an idea others like. Now the complicated part, creating a brand around the concept and acquiring funding to develop the idea to industry standards. 
     Let me tell you how we got to this point.
     The idea first brewed in my head years ago when my children were all in grade school.
One night getting home late after a day of delivering and installing appliances, I was met with a hungry family. I had had the car while my wife was unable to get to the store. By the time I got home their wasn't enough time to shop and cook for the kids to get to bed on time and we didn't have enough money to order in.
     Looking at my seemingly empty cupboard I saw pancake mix. Definitely did not want to give the kids pancakes at that late hour. I've always been good about making do and jimmy rigging things.  After inspecting the fridge and my spice inventory I discovered we had a reasonable amount of mozzarella and dry parmesan as well as garlic powder, onion powder  and oregano. we also had some olive oil and butter. 
     So, I set out to make pizza with this pancake mix.  Pouring out the remainder of the pancake mix. I added a couple of tablespoons of butter, a couple of ounces of olive oil and a couple spoons of water along with a good amount of the spices I had and a decent amount of salt.
After mixing it all together I had a good amount of what looked like pizza dough. I cut the ball in to 4 balls, rolled them out with a rolling pin and precooked them. While the first crusts were baking I mixed a half a cup ketchup with the same spices I put in the crust.
     After the crusts were prebaked I topped them with a couple of tablespoons the sauce ketchup stuff, then sprinkled some of the dry parmesan followed by the mozzarella.  Baked it until the cheese was melted and the crust turned a light brown. 
Cut the pancake dough pizza and served.  I waited for the family's critique.  After devouring what they had been served they quickly came back asking, "is there more", "is it ready yet".  Apparently it was a hit. When they were all full they said it was great and not just because they were hungry.
     It was then that I though that would make a fun cooking gameshow, having regular home cooks make meals from a seemingly bare cupboard.  If you're the cook in your family, you've heard the phrase "there's nothing to eat" way more often than it was accurate.
    I've always been good at finding something to cook from things the family would overlook.  This pancake pizza was a new and enlightening experience that launched myself on a pizza exploration..
     At first I thought Moher Hubbard's Cupboard would be a good name for the show, having grown up with that being the best known empty cupboard.
But, right before I was to send in my materials, my project summary and a sizzle reel, for the concept; I thought the cupboard is not completely empty like Mother Hubbard.  I started asking myself, what would it be when there is something there yet you can't see it.  I thought mirage at first but, no, that's seeing something that is not there.  Than I realized, camouflage that's what hides something from view.
    So, I settled on Kitchen Camouflage.  It's an existential duality.  It's a phenomenon that blurs a persons vision of a meal available to make while being a paradigm where the person stuck in Kitchen Camouflage will need to deploy common items often overlooked as the main support for a meal.
     After I settled on the name change, I wrote up a rough project treatment of the idea and produced a sizzle reel for my pitch.  
     I had a really good and well received pitch with Jason Cheyney who enjoyed my recollection of the pancake pizza tale and called the show relatable, using common items most folks have on hand, adding that he would produce.  He had a few suggestions like develop out the game play tactics' edit the sizzle reel removing the Mother Hubbard's cupboard  and pandemic reference; create a visual deck but, most important; develop a brand and audience around it so that it may be notable for shopping to studios.
     When talking to Voyage Media Producer Rachel Johnson for my strategy session, she expressed falling victim the the Kitchen Camouflage all the time, calling the concept educational adding "I'd watch it". I guess that would make the show edutainment as they call it nowadays. When asked if Voyage Media was interested in producing the show she answered, "we wouldn't be talking if we weren't,  I would be asking you, what else do you have." I followed up asking her what I should do next to prepare the concept for market.  Her reply was, follow the road map Jason Cheyney had given me after my pitch with him.  She pulled up the road map suggestions on her end to confer with me. After reviewing the details of the Roadmap she confided that the suggestions that Mr. Cheyney had offered were considerably less than she typically finds.  We both agreed that this was an exciting and promising position to be in while also agreeing that gaining the audience was going to be challenging.
    This is where you, the food entertainment loving friends come in play. I need your help to become notable.  I need you all to watch my videos, read my stories and share this website and my videos with everyone you can.  When talking to Voyage Media founder and producer, Nat Mundel, about the industry steps to production; he shared with me that I could hire Jason Cheyney to work with me in order to develop the concept along industry standards. 
     Mr. Cheyney is available for hire for $5,000 to work alongside the entire way until we're sold to market.  That's a sizable amount of money, especially in these times but, a really good price for the possible return on  that investment.  You know if Mr. Cheyney is going to put in the time he's going to try his hardest to get the project sold.  When it takes 6 months to 2 years to develop produce and sell a project, he's not doing it for the 5G's but , for the big payday.
      This is where I need your consideration.  Become a part of the Kitchen Camouflage Spice Rack.  If you would be willing to donate to this project or purchase products to help fund the project you will be mentioned on this website, on the Kitchen Camouflage Roku App, Kitchen Camouflage Fire TV APP and YouTube channel. Your contribution will be noted here by name and we can link your name to your website or social account you would like connected.
      Small Business and large contributors offering $500 in considerations may receive a custom Roku App for their own use, some conditions may apply.  Roku App requires $30/month maintenance fee after the first year.
      Anyone, Business or individual offering a $50 consideration may receive a custom 30 sec. commercial produced to their specifications.
      Angel investors offering $1,000 or more in consideration will receive a ROI of 50% in the event that the project is bought.  All investment is at risk and no promise is made for you consideration in the event that the project is not purchased.
      All parties involved acknowledge that all monies are given freely and are not entitled to any refund or compensation except for services offered and products exchanged. Bare in mind that services offered require continued monthly maintenance fee of $30/Month to remain active.