Kitchen Camouflage

Hopeful new cooking competition game show in development.  Help us make history- Read Below

Cupboards are bare?

When the cupboards seem bare 
and you can't see any recipe there.  
It's not a mirage, there's no sabotage your in the Kitchen Camouflage.

Nothing to eat?

It may be a surprise, but we'll help you realize that there is a recipe right in front of your eyes.  You'll discover something great to cook with items you often overlook.

Need a meal plan?

Avoid a barrage, our show is made to go form ordeal to help you reveal the meal beneath the
 Kitchen Camouflage.

Help Us Make History

We need your help, to make history.  Help us get our show on Television.  Join us on our journey form concept development to Television Production. Seeking friends to spread the word, sponsors to aide with production costs and contributors to become contestants